“Outdoor Painting”

with the

New Longton Artists & Friends

Our outings are OPEN to ALL (You do not need to be a “New Longton Artists” member.

Our programme of pre arranged painting outings run from Spring to late Summer and as always are dependant on “Weather Conditions”.

All outdoor painting days are arranged on Thursdays unless otherwise stated.

See also above tab “Outdoor Painting” & “Painting Venues & Dates” for full details.

“Members and Friends” will be notified/reminded immediately prior to each outing via Email taking note of potential weather conditions !!


  Note: Any travelling arrangements and social distancing will

         be in line with the   Current Social Distancing Rules in place at the time.

“NON” New Longton members wishing to be added to the “Friends” Email Group should contact us via our Email address

 (See “Contacts” tab above)

Everyone very welcome, please tell your friends.



Our venues are generally chosen, where possible, to be close to toilet facilities and somewhere for food, however bringing a packed lunch and a drink can be more practical for some of the venues

There are no time limits set for staying or sticking together in a group you can "Do your own thing !".


As long as you let people know where you are (very important !!)

Note: Particularly for the venues further afield we do try to arrange "Car Sharing". If you would like to be involved as a passenger or a driver please can you make it known ??.

Obviously, although some inclement weather can be tolerated, these outings can be called off due to poor weather reports, in which case a general Email will be sent out to all NLA members and those Non members who’s Emails have been added to the “Non Members” Email listing.

Also a Contact Telephone number for update on the day if necessary: 07979 155869

Anyone joining us should meet at the venue car parking area at 10.00am on the appropriate day


Note: As a courtesy, any NON Members intending to join us should let us know so that we are aware when the full group has assembled at the venue.

We hope you can come and join us, treat them as days out with “Artist friends” and if you get a painting out of it that’s a Bonus !!!!!!

If you have any questions please ring on 01772 614270

 Outdoor Painting will resume in Early Spring 2023

Watch this space